At Changes Clinic we use a combination of market-leading technologies for dramatic cellulite reduction.

Successful treatment requires a focus on the two key elements of cellulite; localised fat as well as the tightening and firming of skin. This treatment also helps to reduce the appearance of stretchmarks.



Each treatment involves 2 steps

Involves ultrasound technology for targeted fat reduction and to dislodge any fat clumps.


Is a combined Radio Frequency and a vacuum massage. RF generates heat, which stimulates the rebuilding of collagen fibres for tighter and firmer skin while the vacuum massage brings much needed blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

For even better results, try our NEW Venus Versa RF with PEMF technology.

Cellulite Reduction

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NEW Venus Versa RF

Course of 8 treatments.
More advanced technology. With PEMF technology for enhanced results.

Payment Plan Available: No deposit required. 8 payments of €93.

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What You Need To Know

  • Course Of 8 Treatments.
  • Choose 1 Or 2 Treatments Per Week.
  • Healthy Eating & Exercise Required.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Cellulite Reduction is a combination of technologies working together in order to target fat and tighten the skin which are two elements of cellulite.

This treatment also targets the appearance of stretchmarks.

Cellulite Reduction consists of two steps.

Step 1. Ultrasound technology targets fat in order to reduce it and dislodge any fat lumps.

Step 2. A combination of Radio Frequency & vacuum massage. Radio frequency pushes heat deep into the skin. This heat tricks the skin into thinking it has suffered a thermal wound and initiates a wound healing response. Part of the wound healing response is the production of new collagen and elastin thereby tightening the skin. The vacuum massage allows for blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

A course of 8 treatments is recommended in order to get the best results.

You can chose between 1 to 2 treatments a week.

A healthy diet and exercise is needed in order to get the best results and maintain them.

No there is no pain involved with Cellulite Reduction.

The RF step of the treatment involves heat but it is completely painless and has been described as a hot stone massage!