Next-generation body contouring with an 18% average increase in muscle mass and 21% average fat reduction.

In just one 30-minute treatment CMSlim causes 30,000 targeted muscle contractions for the ultimate no sweat workout! Target almost any muscle group, including your glutes for that coveted butt lift!


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HI-EMT delivers high intensity focused electromagnetic energy which passes through dermal and subcutaneous layers to the target muscle group. This stimulates thousands of contractions to strengthen and increase muscle for improved definition, tone and endurance. The contractions also trigger the release of free fatty acids.


Pelvic Floor (Incontinence or Sexual Function)

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Fat Reduction & Muscle Tone

Course of 8 treatments. SALE



What You Need To Know

  • Course Of 8 Treatments.
  • 2 Or 3 Treatments Per Week.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Anyone can benefit from CM Slim.

Electromagnetic field passed through the skin and fat in order to stimulate the muscle, causing contractions which helps Fat Reduction & Muscle Tone.

Everyone will see different results due to everyone starting out with different body types. Noticeable results are typically noticed two to four weeks after the last session. However, you can feel the treatment results right after the treatment.

The duration of your CM Slim results will vary as every person is different, and is dependent on your activity levels and diet.

You can always get more treatments of CM Slim to fine tune your results or to top up your results.

CM Slim is a HI-EMT device. Two applicators are place on the desired target muscle area (abs, thighs, glutes) where contractions are stimulated by the intense electromagnetic field.

These contractions help with Fat Reduction & Muscle Tone.

CM Slim is very much like a high-intensity workout.

Just like working out, the stimulation of the muscles through the HI-EMT pulse of CM Slim rebuilds and repairs the muscle tissue, which then results in stronger, more defined muscles.

The best thing about CM Slim is that you can sit back and relax during the treatment while the machine works on Fat Reduction & Muscle Tone.

No recovery time or downtime after treatments, however it is advised that you avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours after a CM Slim treatment and to stay hydrated.

For the best results, a course of 6 treatments of CM Slim is recommended.

Both machines use the same HI-EMT technology, however the CM Slim is much more powerful than the Emsculpt as it gives the equivalent of 30,000 muscle contractions compared to the Emculpt which gives only 20,000.

This will result in better and faster results with the CM Slim.

Each treatment of CM Slim costs less to run than the Emsculpt machine meaning you get more power and better results for less with CM Slim than with Emsculpt!

i-Lipo uses lasers to release stored fat as energy that is then burnt off during post treatment exercise. It is effective in targeting stubborn fat, (that area of fat that you can’t seem to lose no matter how much you exercise or diet)  You will do the weight loss, but the laser will target where from your body the weight loss comes from. Read more about i-Lipo here:


CMSlim induces involuntary muscle contractions thereby increasing muscle strength and definition. The CMSlim device is doing the exercises for you! Toning your muscles while burning fat at the same time.

Both i-Lipo and CMSlim treatments require that you keep a healthy lifestyle to achieve and maintain results.