Former ‘Bachelorette’ Rachel Lindsay Tells Us How Her Skincare Routine Has Evolved: ‘I Went From Doing Nothing to Everything’

December 16, 20195 Minutes

Former ‘Bachelorette’ Rachel Lindsay Tells Us How Her Skincare Routine Has Evolved: ‘I Went From Doing Nothing to Everything’

Former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay is closing out 2019 with some incredible life milestones worth gushing over. On top of marrying her now-husband Bryan Abasolo in April, the 34-year-old lawyer also made an important and game-changing self-discovery: skincare.

Lindsay hopped on the phone with Us to chat about the regimen she’s developed over the year and the treatments she’s currently loving. To our surprise, the University of Texas alum mentioned that her skincare routine was practically non-existent before.

“Confession: I had not been into taking care of my skin or having a strict regimen — or, well, any regimen — until this year. With the traveling, being on camera and wearing makeup, I noticed a change in my skin and that I was getting adult acne that I never had before. I thought, ‘I actually need to step it up and actually start taking care of myself.’”

With the holidays fast-approaching, Lindsay does a lot of guest hosting that requires her to travel to L.A. and N.Y.C. frequently. Her skin, which she describes as a combination, needs some extra TLC, especially with all of those flights. “In the wintertime, I’ve been using a creamier face wash. I use makeup wipes to take off my makeup before getting on the plane and after I use a serum that has vitamins A, C and E in it to help with pigmentation and dark spots. And moisturizer!”

To prepare for the unavoidable winter dryness, the attorney also decided to try a HydraFacial at Ideal Image MedSpa, a laser hair removal and medical spa with 140 locations worldwide.

“I’ve had facials before and to me, they’re painful when you get to the extraction part,” explained Lindsay. “What attracted me to this treatment is that I preach hydration, hydration, hydration. But also, the extraction procedure was the most painless thing ever. I stepped out of the room and the next thing I know, Bryan was getting one too and he had never had a facial in his entire life!”

On the topic of Bryan, the newlyweds continue to prove they’re #CoupleGoals by making trips to the spa together frequently. “Bryan is very into health, fitness and wellness, so it was shocking to me that he never had a facial,” admitted the former reality TV star. “When we went to Ideal Image, he was running around like crazy and booked five other treatments when he was supposed to be consulted for one. I was like OK, great, I know what to get you for Christmas.’”

Another treatment Lindsay’s been loving is laser hair removal, however, it did take her some time to warm up to the idea of it. “I guess I have this image of being super tough, but not with this. I heard horror stories and myths that I might have even made it up in my head,” she told Us. “I hate to shave — it’s not a secret. And so I thought, ‘Let me just start with my armpits.’”

Before the quick treatment, Lindsay explained that she had a thorough consultation with medical specialists at the spa, who answered all of her questions, two of which were about whether or not the laser was a good match for her skin tone (it was) and if the pain was bearable. They suggested that she could try a numbing cream, but she went without it. “I’m proud to say that I was able to handle it  — it’s painless! — and I’m hoping the nerve to do other parts of my body, too. You know who else is getting laser hair removal? Bryan! On his upper back,” she laughed.

“My skin isn’t the same as it was 10 years ago,” said Lindsey, referencing how her skincare routine has evolved — or come together — over the year. “The way I was taking care of my skin before was no longer working, so I went from doing nothing to everything.”