Sun damage accumulated in the 20s can start to surface in the 30s or 40s.

Pigmentation includes skin conditions such as Dark Spots, Age Spots, Freckles and Melasma. Sunlight stimulates your pigment cells to produce the pigment called Melanin. This is the same pigment responsible for your tan, but in this case, it is overproduced in isolated areas. A change in hormone levels can also trigger the same production of uneven melanin.

Treatment involves inhibiting the production of melanin as well as exfoliating and lightening the skin.

We offer several treatment options. Your therapist will help you decided the best option for you.

Professional Treatments

A course of 6. One every 3 weeks.

Exfoliates away dead & discoloured skin while delivering brightening agents into the skin. 1-2 day downtime.

A course of 6. One every week.

Unique method of exfoliation, peel and delivery of skin brightening agents. No downtime.

A course of 3. One per month.

Intense bursts of light break the pigmentation down into tiny particles which either rise to the surface and naturally exfoliate away or are absorbed by the body’s lymphatic system. No downtime.

One off treatment.

Pigmented skin is frozen and as a result either flakes off or is absorbed over the next four weeks.



Continue use of home skincare routine for UVA protection and to inhibit melanin production. Monthly exfoliating facials will turnover dead and discoloured skin. When pigmentation is a result of medication, seek medical advice for alternative options.