Build Muscle Fast [15-Day Bundle]


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This Build Muscle Fast 15-Day Bundle is for you if you have time in your daily routine for regular physical activity.

The strongest fat burner on the market, FatBurn EXTREME, will ensure that the results of your workouts are maximised and regeneration is optimal. AquaSlim EXTREME will help you flush out excess water.

Visible results within 15 days!*

The Build Muscle Fast 15-Day Bundle is a powerful combination of AquaSlim EXTREME and FatBurn EXTREME and helps to:

  • shed excess water and toxins that often block or slow down effective weight loss
  • burn more fat at a faster rate, making exercise more effective
  • reduce the size of waist, calves and ankles
  • raise energy levels, without annoying caffeine jitters

AquaSlim EXTREME – natural diuretic that kick-starts the weight-loss process and detoxifies your body

Studies have shown that consumers can lose significant amounts of water weight during the first phase of using AquaSlim EXTREME. It is designed to eliminate excess water,cleanse the liver and stimulate the lymphatic system.

Alongside parsley, artichokes, milk thistle and Java tea extracts, this natural blend contains CactiNea™ and SensiDrain™ that have impressed the majority of our customers. The safest and most essential detox for your body!


FatBurn EXTREME – Carnipure™ powered fat-burning drink with the purest form of L-carnitine

FatBurn EXTREME slightly raises the body’s internal temperature which accelerates fat burning. It can increase the effectiveness of exercise and boost weight-loss efforts.

It contains natural ingredients such as guarana seed and mate tea extracts which can boost the metabolism and increase the rate of fat burning, as well as vitamin B3 which can naturally improve energy levels.


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