The VISIA skin analyser will complete an in-depth analysis of your skin’s health and age, therefore allowing us to develop a personalised treatment plan and skin care regime.

With this quantitative assessment of your skin we can track the effectiveness of your skin care program and amend it in line with your skin’s response. This means you save money by not using ineffective treatments and products!



Compare BEFORE and AFTER pictures side by side.

Compare your actual age to your skin’s age.

Age simulation – See how your skin will look in 7 years!

Score your skin against the world’s largest database of skin data.

Eyelash analysis – Evaluates the results of lash improvement treatments.


Pore Size

Brown Spots (Pigmentation)

Skin Texture (Scars)


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Our Price List

Visia Skin Consultation

Includes printed copy of results.


What You Need To Know

  • Includes printed or email copy of results .
  • Appointment Required.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Visia Skin Analyser is an in-depth analysis of your skins health and age.

It supports us to develop a personalised treatment plan and skincare regiment.

Unlike the Observe machine, the Visia Analysis machine gives you a numerical analysis of your skin – any analysis of your skin will be measured numerically which allows us to measure the effect of products and treatments accurately.

Other benefits of The Visia machine is the ability to compare your actual age to your skin age, this is unique to Visia.

It can also actually predict and show you what your skin may look like in 7 years or similarly how it looked 7 years ago.

Visia also collects images from different angles as it scans from left to right giving us a clear picture of your whole face.

Visia skin analysis gives you a numerical result for each skin problem (Pigmentation, texture etc…).

This number allows the therapist to closely monitor results when investigating if products or treatments are working.

The numerical analysis removes any possibility of poor image interpretation by human error.

The Visia machine scans your skin, looking at and measuring your skin’s wrinkles, texture, pore size, pigmentation, redness, and sebum.

It looks at your skin on the outside and the inside using different lights.

Getting a Visia Skin Analysis helps us to give you the best advice and treatment recommendation.

We can then easily track your results and quickly tailer the plan if required.

There is no limit in the amount of times you can get Visia Skin Analysis, however it is recommended that you do a scan every 3 months during a treatment plan to track the progress.

Then annually to mange you skin health.

A Visia Skin Analysis is €30.