WaterOut XXL



SlimJoy WaterOut XXL is the strongest natural diuretic on the market that offers visible slimming results within days! With 8 powerful plant ingredients, it will:

  • Flush almost a third* of excess waterout of your body
  • No more bloating, swelling or puffiness – look leaner in no time
  • Make weight loss 2.5 faster* and optimise fat burning
  • Shape your body and diminish the appearance of cellulite

Because of WaterOut’s unique mechanism of action, it offers the fastest possible results. By flushing excess water out of your body, it makes your limbs, stomach and face look slimmer within days!

SlimJoy WaterOut, with its powerful plant ingredients, has been scientifically proven to reduce water retention by 27%*, reduce bloating by 60%* and make users lose 2.5 times more weight. You’ll fit into your favourite pants again in no time!


How will WaterOut XXL help you? 

1. Less water: WaterOut EXTREME stimulates the lymphatic system – the body’s water pump that prevents water from being retained. Thanks to the combination of parsley, watermelon, java tea and CactiNea that all have strong diuretic properties, it offers quick relief from excess water. It feels like losing several pounds overnight!

2. More weight lost: While we’re holding onto extra water, toxins are trapped in our body as well which puts a burden on your body, especially the main fat burning organ – the liver. This makes losing weight and burning fat next to impossible. WaterOut works to detox your body and relieves your liver and digestion therefore it enables it to burn fat more effectively. This is made possible by artichoke and hibiscus – two well-known detoxing ingredients!

3. Less cellulite: When the lymphatic system is flowing, microcirculation improves as well. This means nutrients get to where they are needed, and toxins are effectively eliminated. Red grape extract works to strengthen capillary walls and restores flexibility to arterial walls – this results in a more youthful, undamaged skin structure.

You are retaining water if:

  • Weight won’t shift no matter how hard you try
  • You feel bloated and swollen
  • Your clothes don’t fit you like they used to
  • Your face looks puffy (especially around the eyes)


Proven weight-loss effect – 80% of customers satisfied with their results.

Reduced water retention – Make your limbs, stomach and face look slimmer within days.

Reduced ankle swelling – Thanks to all the ingredients for  quick relief from excess water.

Alleviates heavy legs sensation – Microcirculation nutrients get to where they are needed, and therefore toxins are effectively eliminated.

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